Current Members

  • Jill King, Ph.D. candidate
  • Austin Korgan, Ph.D. comprehensive project
  • Tony Ingram, Ph.D. comprehensive project
  • Anthony Duchesne, honours student
  • Rachel Erskine, honours student

Former Members

  • Emily Papsin, honours student (as of 08/2016: Researcher with Nova Scotia Health Authority)
  • Kurt Stover, Ph.D. comprehensive project (as of 09/2016: Post-Doc at University Health Network, Toronto)
  • Malik Abouleish, honours student (as of 09/2016: R.A. at Tufts University)
  • Jordan Boudreau, honours student (as of 09/2016: Dalhousie Medical School Class of 2020)
  • Matthew Lowe, honours student (as of 09/2015: Dalhousie Medical School Class of 2019)
  • Alex Lingley, NSERC summer student co-supervised with Dr. Kevin Duffy (as of 09/2016 M.Sc. student at Dalhousie)
  • Matthew Hilchey, Ph.D. comprehensive project (as of 09/2015: Post-Doc at the University of Toronto)
  • Kaitlyn Gordon, honours student (as of 03/2015: Phlebotomist)
  • Kevin Frank, honours student (as of 09/2013: white water rafting guide)
  • Michelle Zou, independent study student (as of 09/2013: enrolled in Audiology at Dalhousie)
  • Emily LeDue, M.Sc. (as of 09/2012: Ph.D. student at UBC)
  • Mallory Coughlin, B.Sc. Honours co-supervised with Dr. Donald Mitchell (as of 05/2012: Enrolled in Dalhousie’s Orthoptics program)
  • Graeme Stevens, independent study student (as of 03/2013: accepted into the Optometry program at U. Waterloo)
  • Amanda Rolfe, independent study student
  • Aaron Stroud, B.Sc. Honours (as of 09/2011: Dalhousie Medical School Class of 2015)
  • Deniz Dohmen, exchange student co-supervised with Dr. Ray Klein (as of 09/2011: student at Maastricht University)
  • David Rusak, Lab Tech (as of 07/2010: Intern at